Creativity Block

Posted: 27 April 2020

So when I was a young laddie, back when I was between 11-18 I was very creative. My mind was constantly thinking of new ideas, new music, new songs, new lyrics, new blog & video ideas and so on. But now…

*Drum roll please*

I struggle a hell of a lot to get my creativity out! Music was my outlet, I used to draw and come up with some super crazy ideas. When I was in college I had so many ideas for videos and movies but I never wrote them down. You’re probably thinking “How dumb is this guy”. I know right. I agree.

I have had a recent prognosis of ADHD and I have all these crazy ideas at the wrong time. Since getting the prognosis I have been waiting for actual help… Not just Google. But this crazy thing called Covid-19 appeared and everything I’ve been waiting months for has been put on hold. THANKS!

How is the relating to creativity you may ask? Well, when I want to do something it is so hard for me to actually focus all my time and energy when I think I have to be doing about 500 different things instead. It sucks, it really does. So when I want to do something and my partners ask “Hey Tom, I thought you wanted to start YouTube what video ideas do you have”. My mind goes “LOL, Tom guess what mate, all those ideas I give you all the time at stupid moments such as halfway through your workday. Nah, not going to give you them”. I have to respond with, “I don’t know”.

I have been urging myself and my firework fueled brain to get creative. Stop thinking there is things you need to be doing, like looking at your phone, creating a new website… for no reason. I have Freelance work I do every week which is checking on my server to see if it is running effiecently, my clients site hasn’t died and some code improvements when I have noticed stuff I’ve done bad.

There are 3 things I can focus on fully. They are the following:
1. Work/Coding
2. Games
3. Guitar

The rest are a blur, even when doing these three things I train to retain as much information as possible but epically fail.

I guess this blog post is to kind of say “Hey Tom, relax, enjoy your life and take everything slowly” I don’t know what’s coming around the corner so just spend time with your loved ones, stop focusing on things you shouldn’t be and get CREATIVE.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

– Albert Einstein