Closeness of our time

Posted: 29 April 2020

So I was watching a few of the MCU films with my partner tonight as we work through the MCU marathon in order and I took a quick break to grab some essential snacks!

I was thinking to myself I am so lucky to have someone to sit with and watch films with, even though we’re not talking I felt very close to my partner and makes me appreciate her being there. It’s not very often I think about what it would be like if she wasn’t but it made me appreciate the now.

We had a little conversation about “our little bubble” as Molly puts it. The conservation was set into motion by realising we have had our cats for 3 years and how it doesn’t feel as if they are ageing in our little bubble.

Being in isolation has tough me many things. Don’t take going outside for granted, cherish your loved ones and don’t waste all of your time slugging away working when you have people to see and other things to do. This is the whole point of this blog site right!

I have also been attempting to fix my partners MacBook Air and having no joy! The OS has completely messed up but I’ve made some progress, if I fix it it’ll be the first MacBook I have ever fixed and I feel this to be quite the personal achievement even though many people wouldn’t

I just want to reflect that today meant a lot to me more than I realised! I got to spend time with my loved one, my kitty cats and also spent some time utilising my knowledge on how to fix tech

Life is a journey, not a destination

Ralph Waldo Emerson